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Who We Are

Our clients think of us as an elite unit. Like a Special Forces team. Called in when their PR strategy needs a fresh dose of creativity.

We would like you to think of us as corporate reputation managers. A consultancy firm that advises companies how to build an image and sustain reputation. For themselves or for the missions they support.

Our team has a wide experience in ideating and implementing effective corporate communication campaigns and creating participative platforms for some of the most respected Business houses, Social organizations, Government authorities and Ministries in India.

We have mobilized opinion in one of the most successful tobacco control programs in the country, promoted safe usage of LPG among women in our villages, promoted state of the art medical innovation, helped bridge retailers and consumers across the country, helped build the image of leading financial, healthcare and corporate firms. Our work has set new benchmarks in the sphere of communication advisory services.

We have meticulously built a wide expertise across several sectors including Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, Finance, FMCG, Transport, Logistics, Chemical, Engineering and Luxury & Lifestyle.