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Social Sector

With companies poised to spend 2% of their profits to CSR, the big question on the minds of the corporate representatives is - Are NGOs really capable of absorbing this much capital in the right way?

In spite of the 3 million NGOs that exist in India, there is a popular perception that many are inefficient and disorganized. It is this perception that needs to be addressed. This calls for a strategic PR campaign to build credibility for your organization and showcase your capability for scale and sustainability. Our teams at Carmine Communications have over three decades of collective experience in advising some of the most reputed and prominent NGOs in the sector. Some of the services offerings to the social sector include:

Image Building and Reputation Management Services:
Good Reputation is built over a period of time. But to build reputation it is important to showcase your achievements in the right manner. We help you showcase your good side.

As Reputation Managers, we will manage your corporate communication portfolio.
We will work with you to:
  • Develop a communication strategy for your company and
  • Deliver it in a systematic way.
This means that we will:
  • Help you formulate your key messages and create a plan to deliver them.
  • We will strategically publicize the work you do in ways so that your benefactors and beneficiaries get to know you better.
  • We will run a quality check on all your internal as well as external communication tools and suggest ways to improve them by benchmarking international standards.
  • We will provide content support through our copy editors for internal as well as external communication.

We will work alongside your advertising agency or design agency to get the best out of them to meet these quality standards.

Cause Awareness and Promotion Services:
Carmine Communications has a proven track record of its capacity to undertake large scale nationwide awareness campaigns. Whether it is mobilizing opinion towards tobacco control, creating awareness on cadaver organ transplant, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or HIV-AIDS awareness initiatives, our teams have a wealth of experience to provide effective strategy and implementation services. Our services have been availed by healthcare companies, hospitals and social organizations in association with the health ministry.

Advocacy and Public Affairs Services
Our senior level team has over three decades of combined experience in public affairs, government relations and advocacy efforts. We use our expertise within the government and healthcare landscapes to assist clients navigate complex issues in the areas of media relations, advocacy relations and policy outreach.