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Retail Campaign

Suburban Shopping Mall: Building catchment area visibility and increasing footfalls

The Challenge:
After starting full-fledged operations in 2009, a suburban shopping mall in Mumbai, faced a challenge of low footfalls and trading density. With the rising competition and a decreasing share of the consumer pocket, the mall felt the need for innovative marketing strategies to sustain and excel. The mall management retained Carmine Communications to develop a communication program to build visibility for itself in the catchment area, help generate footfalls and build confidence of retailers within the mall.

What we did:
The team at Carmine Communications worked very closely with the marketing team at the mall to develop and implement a series of innovative communication programs to connect with people residing in the catchment area and the retailers within the mall. These initiatives focused on giving consumers a reason to visit the mall and also comprised of methods to involve and engage them in interesting ways. The success was measured by generating a huge amount of visibility and response towards 'Europa Calling' – a fun festival themed on European culture, a Summer Carnival for kids and other festival based events for Christmas, Diwali and Navratri. Retailers were also given participative platforms for engaging with the consumers in a unique way. Popular celebrity film and television shoots were arranged to strategically showcase the mall. A special communication strategy was devised and deployed to promote the food and beverage area separately. Carmine Communications did not stop here but went ahead to develop very unique platforms for the Mall to showcase themselves as a good neighbour and a socially responsible corporate citizen. A sustained corporate responsibility strategy was conceived and implemented which emphasized a strong commitment towards the neighbourhood through groundbreaking environmental and social initiatives. The Carmine Communications team identified and roped in potential partners that included the forest department at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, several NGOs, healthcare providers and like-minded associations. Interesting opportunities were created for people residing in the catchment area to participate and contribute to society. Some of these initiatives included programs in curbing road rage, building sensitivity towards wildlife and supporting underprivileged children among many others. Carmine Communications helped develop a comprehensive PR plan to reach the target audience effectively. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other online media was also used along with traditional print, online, trade and broadcast media.

The Result:
There was an increased level of awareness and interest built towards the mall which was observed in the huge surge in footfalls. Overall there was a tremendous boost in sales across retail outlets within the mall. Several new brands started showing interest in setting up stores within the mall. In fact the F&B sales also went up by 133%. The collaborative efforts of the mall were recognized by leading trade and industry bodies and the mall manager was awarded 'Best Mall Manager' by a prominent retail trade organization.