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Brand PR

Top nutrition supplement brand


PR Objective:

A top international nutrition supplement brand was looking at building awareness on picky eating habits among children. The brand wanted to sensitize parents that this condition can be diagnosed and managed with appropriate nutrition supplementation.


What we did:

Our strategy was to elicit media interest to the subject by providing the observational study data by presenting the findings of an observational study. We were able to sensitize reporters to the fact that ‘picky eating habits’ is among children is a condition which can now be diagnosed using a scientifically proven tool and that their readers should seek medical advice for the same. Our team focused on engaging health correspondents from mainline print media (both English & vernacular), broadcast media, online media & trade media. The study was unveiled to the media against the context of the global summit on feeding difficulties. In addition to this, the campaign included engaging medical experts from across the country to offer their views, opinions and experiences. The campaign covered 10 major cities and led to wide coverage for the brand, published in leading newspapers and portals across the country.


The Result:

High receptivity and demand for the brand and its variants due to the awareness created by the PR campaign. This was ascertained by feedback from customers, nutritionists, healthcare experts and much appreciated by the client.