Our People

Corporate Reputation

Major Japanese engineering firm


PR Objective:

To build and sustain a consistent image for the company as an India focused Japanese business conglomerate with diverse business interests. The company also wanted to develop category leadership across each business vertical.


What we did:

To begin with there were several challenges that our team had to gradually overcome. Like most Japanese companies, this company too had always adopted a conservative approach while communicating with audiences in India. The communication was fragmented, and most people did not have a clear idea of the key business. This resulted in an inconsistent corporate image. However, through strategic messaging and selective news media placement over a period we were able to showcase the company’s achievements, initiatives and leadership. The India story for the company was told via strategic engagement with financial newspapers and business portals. The focus of the communication strategy was to create subtle yet impactful communication. Trade media was engaged to bring out the company’s technology and research capability to the right audiences. Our team was involved in providing relevant advisory and training to the leadership to build capacity to respond to media enquiries, offer opinion and provide intelligent content in a reader-friendly way. Corporate social responsibility programs were also carefully crafted and deployed successfully building goodwill for the corporate brand.


The Result:

Over a period, customers and stakeholders began to recognize the company’s core strengths and business which were communicated to the agency by the company from time to time. A shift in perception toward the company was also observed among business journalists, who started recognizing the contribution of the company to Indian business, leading to them publish relevant stories on the company’s progress in the Indian business landscape.