Our People

Corporate Social Responsibility

Blending Sustainability and customer engagement


Our initiative:

Our idea for a ‘Green Santa Claus’ developed for a popular mall worked as a platform for sustainability as well as consumer engagement. Visitors to the mall were encouraged to make a small contribution with every purchase towards charity. The funds raised were used to procure solar lamps which were distributed free of cost to the tribal residents in the Sanjay Gandhi national park. Most of the tribal residents live in poor conditions lacking basic utilities like electricity. These lamps were distributed during the Christmas season by the mall’s Green Santa mascot and accompanied by the mall customers, staff and their families.


The Result:

Long term goodwill building initiative for the mall that helped created awareness on the condition of the tribal communities residing in the park while also providing an opportunity for people to meet, interact and support these underprivileged communities through simple eco-friendly gestures.