Our People

Crisis Management

Defending corporate reputation


The issue:

Employees of a company who were sacked on grounds of malpractice attempt to spread negative propaganda in media to malign the image of the company.



The issue was identified as a threat to disrupt the upcoming AGM of the company. Our team proactively swung into action sensitizing all contact points within the company to field incoming calls from the press. A statement was prepared clarifying the company’s view and handed over to official spokespeople within the company. A listening and monitoring mechanism were initiated to track any negative story. Key reporters and senior editors in print as well as electronic media were contacted, and the situation explained to them.


The Result:

The media realized that the employee in question was a history sheeter, a union leader with a dubious track record. After the scrutinizing the evidence provided, editors were convinced and assured us that they would not carry any biased view of any individual. As a result, there were no negative stories reported.