Experts in the FMCG sector expect the following trends to dominate this year: rural and new consumer segments, sales and discounts, new launches and expansion, emerging segments and trade channels, and premiumization.

The year will see consumer companies increase their reach into the interiors of India. Firms will also launch more products and widen their portfolio as they get into new segments and categories. E-commerce, which accounts for close to 1% of the overall retail market, will also drive growth. Whether your brand is contemplating a deeper rural penetration strategy or is riding the e-commerce trend, Carmine Communications LLP has the necessary experience, bandwidth and reach to partner with you in building a robust PR strategy for your brand. We can assist you in the areas of:

Category Building:

Whether you want to convey the benefits of wheat cornflakes and muesli or the advantages of baked potatoes over fried, we will not only help you put together the key messages that consumers can connect with but we will also help you to deliver them.

New Brand Launches:

Our teams will assist you in putting together a communication strategy for new brand launches that will elicit consumer interest and get them to try out the brand. We will support you in pre-launch strategies which will build hype, launch strategies and post-launch brand building communication.

Consumer Engagement Strategies:

PR can play a very important role in consumer engagement programs which help build a direct connect to the brand. We will advise you and help you strategize and implement effective consumer outreach programs which will build long term brand recall and increase consumer confidence.