Healthcare sector

Experts have pointed out that the burden of providing healthcare seems to have fallen on the private sector. They say that in our country health issues range from poverty and poor maternal, child and public health to those associated with urbanisation and increasing affluence. Then there is the problem of emerging health issues which include chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebro-vascular disease, and cancer. Infectious diseases remain a constant threat due to urbanization, unsafe animal husbandry and climate change.

In this context it is important for healthcare providers from the manufacturing sector and the services sector to form and implement clear communication mandates ranging from educating the public and changing behaviour to being able to communicate their contributions in providing equitable, accessible, affordable, quality healthcare.

Keeping this in mind Carmine Communications LLP offers you some of the best tried and tested as well as innovative approaches in healthcare communication.

Disease state awareness campaign services:

Carmine Communications LLP has a proven track record of its capacity to undertake large scale nationwide disease state awareness campaigns. Whether it is mobilizing opinion towards tobacco control, creating awareness on cadaver organ transplant, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or HIV-AIDS awareness initiatives, our teams have a wealth of experience to provide effective strategy and implementation services. Our services have been availed by healthcare companies, hospitals and social organizations in association with the health ministry.

Hospital specialty-wise PR services

For super specialty or multi-specialty hospitals, Carmine Communications LLP offers step by step programs to build awareness around the hospital’s core specialty and focus areas. These are tailor made campaigns specially crafted for each hospital which help showcase the hospitals facilities and infrastructure capability and talent to treat complex medical emergencies.

Key therapy area PR services

For companies which depend on key therapeutic areas as business growth drivers, our teams can help devise and implement focused communication programs which help create awareness on specific therapies. Ranging from medical devices to pharmaceutics, over the years our teams have assisted companies in building awareness on various therapies related to neuro, spine, CVD, Bariatric surgery, orthopaedic, diabetes, oncology and many other specialties.

Key opinion leader building services

We recognize that KOLs or ‘thought leaders’ have an important role to play as influencers. We also recognize the sensitivities involved in working alongside them, hence we have devised ways and means of engaging with them effectively within the code of conduct laid down by the industry. Our initiatives have helped enhance the profile of several KOLs while also creating new thought leaders in the industry.