Hospitality & Tourism

The Tourism and Hospitality sector encompasses a wide variety of activities within the services sector. It also has a reciprocal relationship with several other sectors like transportation, entertainment and aviation. It is therefore important for the PR team to properly research the right target media keeping in mind the essence of the brand. Our team has the necessary experience to advise and recommend the right approach depending on whether you are a luxury hospitality brand or a budget hotel chain or if you want to promote tourism in the State.

We understand the competition is intense in metros, slowly picking up in tier-2 and tier-3 cities and is also seeing the entry of foreign hotel chains. We have seen the emergence of budget hotels powered by the start-up and online industry. We realize the need for your company or brand to remain visible and relevant in the market space.

Our services for the Tourism and Hospitality sector includes:

State and National Tourism:

We have the capability to promote tourism at State, National or International level. Our teams have the experience, the bandwidth and reach it takes to support large scale campaigns to promote tourism for any State in India. We also offer our expertise to countries that want to promote tourism to Indian audiences.

Destination Promotion:

We can help build visibility for exotic wedding destinations or promote off-beat trails for adventure or wildlife thrill seekers.

Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks Promotion:

We will help promote your hotel or resort or theme park, putting your property up as the ‘go-to’ destination. We will showcase your property, promote your cuisine, stay, ambience and experience. Be it weekend getaways, corporate conferences or family vacations, we will help highlight the right attribute to place your property on the radar of potential guests and channel partners.

Festival Promotion:

We can help build visibility and attract the right audience for major festivals, rock shows, edm concerts and more.

Crisis Management Services:

A hospitality brand must have a contingency plan in place when things go wrong. Being in the service industry, you may have to deal with controversy at some point, and if it is not handled well, it can cause lasting damage to your brand. We can help you with putting a clear plan in place on how to respond appropriately to negative situations should they arise.