Luxury & Lifestyle

Driving demand from a high-end audience requires smart PR. One that can articulate stories and experiences making people aspire to acquire what they cannot easily have. When a high-end consumer dreams of a luxury car or a bespoke vacation it is important to know where they hang out online, what media do they track for information, what experiences they value. All these play a very important role in reaching the right people.

From luxury concierge services, private air-charter services and bespoke brands our team has a wide set of experiences it takes to carry the right message to the right set of people.

We offer:

  • Strategic consultancy and strategy with a tailored and personalised 360-degrees PR approach for your brand
  • Communication with editors, influencers, bloggers, stylists, tastemakers and VIPs for optimum brand exposure
  • Celebrity event and brand launch support
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration
  • Leadership profiling
  • Philanthropy support
  • Press office management and support