With the Make in India programme under way, the success and efficiency of the Indian manufacturing sector as the industrial backbone of the country is being determined by how it is prepared to cater to the growing needs of other critical sectors.

As the industry navigates through some off the key challenges including tight domestic monetary policy and inflation, we at Carmine Communications LLP can assist manufacturers in their efforts through strategic PR services that help build visibility and credibility for their companies and products.

Our services for the manufacturing sector include:

Corporate Image Management:

Carmine communications as Reputation Managers will manage your corporate communication portfolio. We will work with you to:

  • Develop a communication strategy for your company and
  • Deliver it in a systematic way.
  • Build visibility and credibility across key stakeholders (customers, employees, investors)

This means that we will:

  • Help you formulate your key messages and create a plan to deliver them.
  • We will run a quality check on all your internal as well as external communication tools and suggest ways to improve them by benchmarking international standards.
  • We will work alongside your advertising agency or design agency to get the best out of them to meet these quality standards.
  • We will strategically publicize new developments within the company like expansion plans, investments and leadership in ways so that your customers and investors get to know you better.

B2B and Trade Outreach:

We can build visibility for your company and products in the relevant industry you operate. With strategic trade media outreach, our team will project your engineering prowess, research and development capabilities to specific audiences thus ensuring your message reaches the right set of people who impact your business. We have a proven ability to convert complex technical content to formats suitable for trade magazines without compromising on the information shared.

Financial Communication:

We have the required experience and ability to present your company’s financial performance to investors and clients by strategically engaging the financial media. Our team reaches out to the pink papers and online media on a regular basis with updates on our client’s financial performance. Data is formatted and presented to make reporters aware of how your company has performed and contributed to the Make in India story. So whether you are public listed company or privately run, we have the experience to advise you on the right approach.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability PR:

We don’t see corporate social responsibility as random blood donation camps or charity drives. As more and more companies see the need to give back to society, Carmine Communications LLP helps them devise long-term sustainable programs which are more involving and make a positive impact on society.

Creating New Sustainable Programs:

We will ideate with you and create CSR initiatives within the scope of your business which also gives back to society.

Leveraging Existing CSR Programs:

If your company already has an existing CSR program, we will advise you how to make these initiatives more impactful and involving.