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Media planning & buying

At Carmine you will be able to enjoy the following media planning and buying features to boost your business:

  • Creativity Management : As experts in digital advertisements, we offer the best creative’s to enhance your brand’s products and services!
  • Conversion Monitoring : The user’s movement on the specific space enables you to detect his or her seeming interests helping you to generate leads. This data helps you understand if your call to action is working effectively or not.
  • Traffic Analysis : With many internet users today you can easily analyze what kind of traffic is flowing into your website, blogs, or social media pages. Thus analyzing your traffic, their demographics, and interests will give you an upper hand in forming your digital marketing strategies better. And that’s what we do.
  • Campaign Design : The presentation captures your audience a manifold better than text. We ensure the best designs for all your campaigns that complement your brand as well as your audience’s preferences and interests.
  • Optimization : As much as the analysis is important for a successful campaign another crucial factor is the optimization of your campaigns! Our optimization strategy involves tracking in-house and external ad-serving technology for analyzing and adding value to your company.