Building and sustaining a positive outlook in a sector which faces several challenges like increased land cost, delay in approvals, lack of availability of funds both at buyers' and developers' levels, is no easy task. We, at Carmine Communications LLP understand this. What we also understand is that your sector is the second largest employer in the nation after agriculture, while also having a significant multiplier effect on other sectors like IT, retail, trading and many others. No one can deny the fact that your sector has a huge bearing on the economy of this country.

Hence we, at Carmine Communications LLP, have developed specialized service offerings tailor made for the real estate sector. These have been listed below:

Corporate Image Management:

You have built your company on quality and trust and enjoyed a quiet existence with an impeccable reputation for the past 20 to 30 years. However market dynamics have changed. Staying below the radar or being media shy no longer works. Your competitors have grown more active and have developed new and innovative ways of luring customers. In this era of cut-throat competition and aggressive marketing, real estate companies are now feeling the need to be seen and heard in the right places.

Carmine communications as Reputation Managers will manage your corporate communication portfolio.

We will work with you to:

  • Develop a communication strategy for your company and
  • Deliver it in a systematic way.

This means that we will:

  • Help you formulate your key messages and create a plan to deliver them.
  • We will run a quality check on all your internal as well as external communication tools and
  • suggest ways to improve them by benchmarking international standards.
  • We will work alongside your advertising agency or design agency to get the best out of them to meet these quality standards.
  • We will strategically publicize new developments within the company like expansion plans, investments and leadership in ways so that your customers and investors get to know you better.

Project Based Public Relations (PPR)

Whether your project is a premium residential township, a mixed-use project or even affordable housing, there are very specific ways and means of communicating the values of each project to a potential home buyer or investor. Carmine Communications LLP can help you craft a customized communication strategy for your project. Our services include.

New Project launches

  • Building hype and generating interest before the launch
  • Launch strategy
  • Post launch image sustenance initiatives

Home buyer and Investor engagement initiatives

Carmine communications can help formulate effective campaigns to increase networking among your customers – home seekers or investors.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability PR

We don't see corporate social responsibility as random blood donation camps or charity drives. As more and more real estate companies see the need to give back to society, Carmine Communications LLP helps them devise long-term sustainable programs which are more involving and make a positive impact on society.

Creating new sustainable programs:

We will ideate with you and create CSR initiatives within the scope of your business which also gives back to society

Leveraging existing CSR programs:

If your company already has an existing CSR program we will advise you how to make these initiatives more impactful and involving.

Advocacy and Public Affairs

Industry issue advocacy services:

Experts agree that it is time for the RBI and Government to recognize the contribution of the real estate sector to the economy of the country. That the real estate sector needs to given infrastructure status and should be provided with Government and institutional support to ensure its long term and sustainable growth pronounced at par with other sectors such as electricity, water, roads and highways within the scope of 'infrastructure', is recognized as the need of the year.

Carmine Communications LLP can help structure a systematic way of mobilizing opinion to attracting the attention of policy makers.

Specific local advocacy services:

Real estate companies have to address several local issues with regards to SRA schemes, civic issues and local authorities. Carmine Communications LLP can help real estate companies develop collaborative initiatives which help to build trust and confidence among local residents, activists, politicians and local bureaucrats thus overcoming such hurdles