In an industry dependent on consumer spending retailers always look at interesting and effective methods of communicating with buyers. However in the present age, where liquidity profile of retailers remain stressed, retailers have to settle for cost effective communication which may not be creative enough to lure customers, thus leading to a vicious cycle. It here that Carmine Communications LLP comes into the picture with clear, creative yet cost effective solutions. We offer the following services that cater specifically to the real estate sector.

Retail brand and corporate reputation management services

We will work with you to build trust for your retail brand across target markets. As corporate reputation experts we will help you establish your company's credentials as a trustworthy retail brand among customers, chain-partners and employees alike. We will manage your corporate communication portfolio.

We will work with you to:

  • Develop a communication strategy for your company and
  • Deliver it in a systematic way.

This means that we will:

  • Help you formulate your key messages and create a plan to deliver them.
  • We will run a quality check on all your internal as well as external communication tools and suggest ways to improve them by benchmarking international standards.
  • We will work alongside your advertising agency or design agency to get the best out of them to meet these quality standards.
  • We will strategically publicize new developments within the company like expansion plans, investments and leadership in ways so that your customers and investors get to know you better.

Mall promotion and reputation management services

Depending on whether you represent a large chain of malls or a single neighbourhood mall we are able to customize service offerings to help build your image and reputation. We will work with your marketing and communication teams to devise campaigns which help restore retailer confidence and also generate footfalls.