Transport & Logistics

With major reforms under way like the introduction of GST (goods & service tax), roll out of E-Way bill and the sector being granted infrastructure status, the transport and logistics sector is undergoing a significant transformation. The development in technology and the birth of new industry verticals have created high demands for logistics and delivery of products and services. Many start-ups and established enterprises have entered the market equipped with the latest technology, quality warehousing, and functional transport facility to provide world-class services in the Indian market. Companies today need a robust PR strategy to remain visible, stay above the clutter and effectively communicate their service advantage to clients.

Our team has the experience, know-how and relationships to help transport and logistics companies communicate to the right audience. Our services include:

Corporate Reputation Management

  • As Reputation Managers will manage your corporate communication portfolio. We will work with you to
    • Develop a communication strategy for your company and
    • Deliver it in a systematic way.
    • Build visibility and credibility across key stakeholders (customers, employees, investors)

This means that we will:

  • Help you formulate your key messages and create a plan to deliver them.
  • We will run a quality check on all your internal as well as external communication tools and suggest ways to improve them by benchmarking international standards.
  • We will strategically publicize new developments within the company like expansion plans, investments and leadership in ways so that your customers get to know you better.

B2B and Trade Outreach:

We can build visibility for your company and products in the relevant industry you operate. With strategic trade media outreach, our team will project your technology prowess, speed of delivery ad customer service to specific audiences thus ensuring your message reaches the right set of people who impact your business.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability PR:

We will work with you to devise long-term sustainable programs which are more involving and make a positive impact on society.

Creating New Sustainable Programs:

We will ideate with you and create CSR initiatives within the scope of your business which also gives back to society.

Leveraging Existing CSR Programs:

If your company already has an existing CSR program, we will advise you how to make these initiatives more impactful and involving.